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You decided to go through the hospital, it was close enough to the supposed common area among the other nurses, child care specialists, and onsite infant watchers. Honestly there were tons of jobs you could have done here that you may not have known about, but it will be forever unbeknownst to you whether you would have been any better or worse at any which job. Regardless, you thought you’d actually take a look into what you could have been doing by giving the hospital wing a quick check; you tried not to think about why you would end up here in the future, and quickly buried the thought in your vault, not giving it a second thought.
The path there and back seemed simple enough, it was just back through where you came from, but through a different door turning off just before you reached the exit. When you entered through the narrow hallway, you could smell the stench of rubbing alcohol and sterilization as you proceeded through the narrow corridor. For some reason, you didn’t know what to expect.
From the outside, the facility was clearly hospital-like, stationed across from what seemed to be a mix of child-care facilities and off-site housing, but from within everything appeared so much larger and difficult to navigate.
“Hmm. ‘you’re here’... Wow how much space..?” you muttered to yourself under your breath.
Which way shall you go?

Written by DriftingDragon on 14 July 2021

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