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At least Daniela´s friends were fully supporting her and helping her to get used to the change. Pammy even took on the grim duty of explain menses to Daniela, so she would know what to expect from her new body. They assumed that the cycle wouldn´t be same as for human girls, because Daniela´s female organs were of a horse, but neither of them were sure what to expect, because Daniela was part unicorn, not just a normal horse.


As for the unicorn part of Daniel(a)´s transformation, it didn´t manifest itself too much. She didn´t have any magical powers, only the unicorn horn and sudden carvings for apples. Otherwise, she still thought as human and often had hard time to move her horse half around.


Being a unicorn centaur was difficult both physically and mentally.


Being a girl wasn´t simple either.


It took weeks before Daniela was even willing to get out of the house. Meeting other people like this was unnerving. No one except of her friends and family seemed to even remember Daniel. It was as if he never existed. There was no Daniel anymore. Only Daniela and Daniela was the centrum of the attention anywhere she went.


You don´t meet mythological creature every day, after all.


The unwanted attention was uncomfortable, but Daniela´s friends were always there to stand between her and the journalists demanding the interviews. They would answer the questions for her and make sure that no one got closer than it was acceptable for Daniela.

Written by lulu-illussions on 27 March 2018

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