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You shrug as if to say anyone would do it in your position and she laughs then replies "No, most of these girls would have run. The few that would have attempted something that crazy probably wouldn't have hit the right spot and would have been killed by the boar. You're a very luck girl, that's all anyone can say. It's why you've garnered a lot of interest throughout the village, and the forest. Many tribes ask if they can speak with your father, and when they find out you're from somewhere outside of our tribe they try to get the alpha's permission to talk with you, but he said that it would be up to you on who you talk to. However any time someone brings it up they can't find you, since you are always moving all over the village."


You nod slowly in agreement then turn back to the loom and start working on creating a simple tunic out of the blue leaves you'd made earlier. It takes you about three more hours to completely weave the tunic, then you take it and lay it on the stack of clothing the others made. Afterward you walk to the bonfire, which started while you were weaving, and grab some food then head to the infirmary. As soon as you walk in Ronas and Daru grin at you and motion for you to sit with them. You walk over and the three of you start talking about what you did that day. Ronas chuckles when you tell him you've been weaving and asks "Was it as fun as fighting the boar, or did you prefer hunting?" You think about it then reply "It was, different. I enjoyed working with my hands to create something, rather than destroy something, but I don't think I'd want to make it into my profession."


Ronas smirks and Daru asks "So, what did you want to come bug the two of us about, oh great and mighty huntress?" You punch Daru in the side while laughing and tell them you want to swap stories about the past. The two readily agree and Daru tells you all about their misadventures as children. He even tells you about his parents and siblings, most of which are already married and have pups of their own. When he starts to get into the teen years Ronas takes over. He tells you all about the many different places that only the two of them know about, and their many mess ups at the start of their training to become hunters. He then goes on to tell you about how it just drove them harder and they started trying to become the best. He smirks slightly and finishes with "We were the best, until you came along and showed us up without even trying." You laugh and punch him gently in the arm ignoring the voice which speaks up with a simple "And that's why every male in the village wants you for their mate."

Written by Jake Shadow Wolf on 21 January 2013

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