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One of the first things you noticed was the hanging lists on each of the doors lining the hallways. On top of each of them, you could see a small name plate engraved just below the peep hole “An interesting arrangement”
Your mind couldn’t help but be distracted by the colorful decorations on each of the boards; they were covered in scribbles, lists, various tasks, and some even had notes to others jotted onto them. It seemed to be a multi purpose board and in that instant your mind began to race.
Clearly, one can portray a lot about themselves through the customization of their boards, and at first you wondered what you would do with your own board once you figured out how to get one. After that, you realized the true potential of what this means. You could easily make friends with the other staff by observing subtle personality traits hidden in how or what they’ve written.
At once, you begin taking your time to look at each of the signs quietly, one by one; hopefully you don’t linger long enough to get caught.

Written by DriftingDragon on 21 July 2021

Both Groceries: Ramen, Rubbing Alcohol, Erasers

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