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Kieran and you travel just past the castle to a small cluster of hollow rocks. The two of you go into the largest rock and come face to face with a group made up of various species.


“Hey everyone,” Kieran announces, “we got a newbie!”


The new animals come to greet you, and you all exchange pleasantries.


“So, how are you liking the aquatic life so far? Did Kieran teach you how to swim? Have you been to the Castle already?” Nesmith’s questions tumble out, one after the other. The dwarf puffer has difficulty containing his enthusiasm.


“C’mon man,” says Kieran, “leave ‘em alone, they just got here.”


The chili rasbora playfully nudges the puffer. “Yeah Nes, you don’t wanna make ‘em feel weird, do you?” Wheeler jokes. “Your house is probably the first place they’ve been to.” She turns to you for confirmation. “Isn’t it?”


“Yeah,” you say. Grateful that these new creatures are being so hospitable, you add, “Thanks for welcoming me into your home, Nesmith.”


Farron, the neon tetra, lets a snort escape before Nesmith can respond. “I know we say it’s his house, but we hang out here so often, we might as well call it our house.”


“I would call it our house if someone would help clean up every time they came over!” Nesmith mockingly argues.


“We’re fish!” Farron retorts. “Our only chores are to eat and poop!”


Their combined laughter pulls a chuckle out of you. Motion right outside the rock’s main entrance catches your attention. An amano shrimp is peeking into Nesmith’s hide. The animal looks shy, so you make an effort to be more inclusive.


“Hi there!” you say cheerfully. “I’m new here. My name is --”


What are you doing here‽” Kieran booms. With a flick of his tail, he’s instantly standing between you and the stranger.


The foreign shrimp begins to snap its own tail and rapidly swim towards the town’s border.


“You’re not getting away this time!” Kieran follows it in a similar fashion. “Nesmith!”


“I’ve got your back!” Nesmith swims after the crustaceans.


You’re left flabbergasted. “Wait, stop! I don’t --”


“Take it easy,” Wheeler interrupts, “we can explain. That amano doesn’t belong here. She’s an outcast and an enemy.”


“A-an enemy?” you stutter. The sudden change in everyone’s mood makes you somewhat queasy. “How can you have enemies when we’re all just visitors of the mansion?”


“Ugh, where do I even start?” Wheeler swims up to you. “You see, when we first got--”


“It’s a pretty long story, but you don’t have to worry about it.” Farron steers the conversation away from Wheeler. “All you have to know,” she explains, “is that we used to be friends with the amano. But she kept trying to fight us, so we banished her from Myrio Ridge.” Farron looks out the entrance for sight of Nesmith and Kieran who had long since disappeared into the forest. “Now we live a calm life.”


“Yeah!” Wheeler chimes in. “Farron is right. Myrio Ridge is an awesome place to live with lots of nice people! You’ll fit in just fine, don’t you think?”

Written by iAteTheRamen on 14 June 2019

Both agree with Wheeler

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