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Transformation Mansion star star star halfstar emptystar

There are many points in the mansion where you will change forms.


The more nights you spend in a form the more your behavior will reflect that form (also the longer you stay at a time the quicker your behaviour changes).


If you change forms your behavior will go to the current state of that form for you.


(e.g you are a tiger for 10 nights , become a dolphin for another 10 and become a tiger again. The tiger form behavior is still the same as is was when you become a dolphin)


You can only spend 30 consecutive nights or 90 total in a form before your behavior is totally that form's behavior.


Also after 300 nights in the mansion, you will become the form that you have spent the most of the last 300 days in (apart from the one you entered in) in its current state.


If any of the 3 previous situations (30 consecutive or 90 in one form or 300 nights total) occur you will then be teleported out of the mansion.


You may also leave at any time through any exit, except the one you entered in. You will leave the mansion in whatever your current state of mind and body


If you leave the mansion by any means you may not come back for 5 years.


To start you off you will receive a transformation into a...

Illustrated by Catprog

Written by Catprog on 04 July 2004

Taking the plunge emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You make your way to the first door nearby. The room you enter is almost bare. An exceptionally large aquarium stands against the back of the room, a deep sink resides next to it, and a large window currently showcases the midday sun. The tank itself nears three meters in length and is equipped with a plastic hose that leads to the sink. Vibrant colors within pique your curiosity and draws you closer to inspect them. An amalgam of decorations and aquatic creatures bring the tank to life with their striking hues. The movement of the animals is so peaceful; you sense yourself having difficulty averting your gaze.


You place a hand on the warm aquarium, and your face gets so close that your nose nearly brushes it. The glass beneath your hand begins to softly glow. You instinctively pull away, surprised to find that the glow is coming from your hand. It quickly creeps up your arm, and as it makes its way over your shoulder, you squeeze your eyes shut and hold your breath. After a few seconds, you dare to take a peek at what’s happened to your arm, but you’re overwhelmed by your surroundings.


You survey the area; it looks like the ocean. There are colorful fish in the distance, but panic sets in, and you no longer have the sense to be mesmerized by their beauty. Without thinking, you aim to swim to the water’s surface. Your limbs, however, seem to be betraying you. Your body contorts as you flail about, and you reach out a hand to-


Where are your arms?


Your stomach drops at the thought of what the glowing light has taken away from you. It would be physically impossible to reach the surface in time with your body like this. With the remaining time that your final breath has allowed, you regret having ever stepped foot into the mansion. You open your mouth, let in water, and submit to the end of your life… Drowning is supposed to be painful, isn’t it?


But you’re not drowning -- you’re breathing! How‽


Relief washes over you when you realize that you can survive without air. There’s still hope for you yet! Now that the main concern has been tackled, you address the next problem: moving around without your arms. You figure that moving forward, at the very least, should be no problem. To propel yourself, you try kicking your legs, but to no avail. Try as you might, you remain in the same spot. You begin to wonder how much time has passed.


“Hey, I know swimming is hard at first, but you need to be careful! You could hurt yourself by trying to force it.”


The voice startles you. Its origin is unknown, so you thrash even more, desperate to move away from the potential danger.


“Whoa whoa whoa, settle down! I’m not gonna hurt you!”


The efforts to make a quick getaway come to a screeching halt. You don’t know whether or not you should trust this voice, but it’s necessary for a chance to get help. A rather small electric blue crayfish suddenly appears and perches on a rock next to you.


“You must be new here! I’m Kieran. Welcome to the aquarium.”

Written by iAteTheRamen on 11 June 2019

Meeting Kieran emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

There was still a lot for you to take in, but a talking crayfish has promptly jumped to the top of your list. Taking in its words, you look around. The open water stretches on in all directions as far as the eye can see. “What do you mean ‘aquarium’? This place is huge; there’s no way.”


“Trust me,” Kieran assures you, “if the tank can turn you into a fish, what makes you think that it’s not capable of having all this space?” His antennae often twitch when he talks. “I saw you were having trouble swimming, so I came over and figured that you could use some help.”


His words leave you speechless. A fish‽ You didn’t think the mansion would transform you so soon. It’s no wonder you thought you had lost your arms -- your pectoral fins were simply out of your line of sight. As you come to accept the facts, the urgency to get to the surface leaves as quickly as it had come. Your logic catches up, so you decide to test a theory.


“Can… can you help me?” you thought.


“Of course!” Kieran throws his claws up. “It took me a while to get used to this body. You’ll get used to yours too.”


“I was right,” you think, “that’s why he was able to answer me. He can probably hear me through my thoughts.”


He interrupts your inner voice. “I absolutely can, but you gotta control how loud you think, or else you’ll end up shouting your thoughts out to everyone around you.”


You get a glimpse of his swimmerets and are briefly repulsed at the sheer number of them wriggling, but quickly remember to suppress this thought.


“Here,” he says, “imagine you still have your legs. Pretend that you’re swimming sideways with a mermaid tail. It sounds dumb, but just try it out.”


You take Kieran’s advice and attempt to swim accordingly. You try moving forward, but it leads to you swimming in circles.


“Keep trying for a bit, it feels strange at first. Once you get the hang of it, you can try using your pectoral fins to direct yourself.”


His kind patience alone is enough to fuel your perseverance. As you practice swimming, Kieran settles down on the rock and makes himself comfortable.


“I became a crayfish almost a week ago after spending some time as a fox -- figured that I could use a change of pace, and breathing underwater sounded appealing.” He stretches two of his legs. “I gotta admit though, I was more looking forward to being an animal with no feet; now I have eight.” He slowly opens and closes his claws. “These are always fun, though!” Kieran cackles at his own appearance.


By the time his laughter subsides, you’re finally able to control your body comfortably. Kieran recognizes this and turns away from you. He makes a motion with his claw.


“Looks like you’ve got it down for the most part. Follow me. We’re goin’ into Myrio Ridge.”

Written by iAteTheRamen on 12 June 2019

Myrio Ridge emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Kieran has been kind enough to teach you how to swim. With the only other option being to wander aimlessly, you opt to follow his lead. He hops off the rock and floats down to the ocean floor; you hurry after him as he walks away from you.


“So,” you awkwardly start, “tell me more about this place. For example, how do you know where we’re going if there are no landmarks?”


Kieran continues the conversation without looking back at you. “Using your body, can you sense how the water is mainly flowing in one direction?” he asks. “That flow comes from the filter output. We use it as a kind of compass. This place may be enormous, but it’s still an aquarium. There’s a lot of automated stuff that help us survive. The light transitions to mimic when the day begins and ends. The feeder drops in enough food twice a day, a siphon sucks up old water every week, and clean water is added while the siphon works.”


While staring at Kieran, you make a mental note to never again take facial expressions for granted. You wish you could tell what he was thinking or feeling while he spoke.


“Just to remind you,” he says, “don’t forget to keep track of how loud you think. I could kind of hear you mumbling.”


You swim directly behind him to hide your embarrassment. “Right, gotcha.”


Before you know it, the two of you reach a large cluster of towering, green plants. Kieran walks right in without hesitation, so you follow suit. The plants are feathery against your skin. When the thought of getting lost in the brush crosses your mind, you swim a bit closer to Kieran and keep him in your line of sight.


Soon enough, a clearing comes into view. You’re met with what you can only describe as a small town. Just as it did when you were first peering into the aquarium, the colors and activity enthrall you. A multitude of structures are scattered. Some resemble hollowed rocks and some appear to be decorations purchased from a pet store. In the center of it all stands a tall, artificial edifice that you can clearly tell falls under the latter -- a castle with unnaturally red and blue trim.


Among the structures, fish weave around each other with purpose. Tetras and danios dance in clouds of schools. Several ghost shrimp wander about, foraging the substrate for any remnants of food. The animals’ movements are fluid, and with no one ramming into each other, you could almost believe that the commotion was choreographed.


“Welcome to Myrio Ridge!” Kieran finally turns to face you. “I can hang out with you today and tomorrow to help you fit in. After that, I’ll show you where you can find me if you ever need help.” He makes his way down to the city, and you cautiously follow while trying your best to not be distracted by the hubbub. “There’s so much you need to know,” he says. “If you want, I can introduce you to some of my friends… Oh shoot, you still need to find a place to live while you’re here.”

Written by iAteTheRamen on 13 June 2019

New Friends (and Enemies) emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Kieran and you travel just past the castle to a small cluster of hollow rocks. The two of you go into the largest rock and come face to face with a group made up of various species.


“Hey everyone,” Kieran announces, “we got a newbie!”


The new animals come to greet you, and you all exchange pleasantries.


“So, how are you liking the aquatic life so far? Did Kieran teach you how to swim? Have you been to the Castle already?” Nesmith’s questions tumble out, one after the other. The dwarf puffer has difficulty containing his enthusiasm.


“C’mon man,” says Kieran, “leave ‘em alone, they just got here.”


The chili rasbora playfully nudges the puffer. “Yeah Nes, you don’t wanna make ‘em feel weird, do you?” Wheeler jokes. “Your house is probably the first place they’ve been to.” She turns to you for confirmation. “Isn’t it?”


“Yeah,” you say. Grateful that these new creatures are being so hospitable, you add, “Thanks for welcoming me into your home, Nesmith.”


Farron, the neon tetra, lets a snort escape before Nesmith can respond. “I know we say it’s his house, but we hang out here so often, we might as well call it our house.”


“I would call it our house if someone would help clean up every time they came over!” Nesmith mockingly argues.


“We’re fish!” Farron retorts. “Our only chores are to eat and poop!”


Their combined laughter pulls a chuckle out of you. Motion right outside the rock’s main entrance catches your attention. An amano shrimp is peeking into Nesmith’s hide. The animal looks shy, so you make an effort to be more inclusive.


“Hi there!” you say cheerfully. “I’m new here. My name is --”


What are you doing here‽” Kieran booms. With a flick of his tail, he’s instantly standing between you and the stranger.


The foreign shrimp begins to snap its own tail and rapidly swim towards the town’s border.


“You’re not getting away this time!” Kieran follows it in a similar fashion. “Nesmith!”


“I’ve got your back!” Nesmith swims after the crustaceans.


You’re left flabbergasted. “Wait, stop! I don’t --”


“Take it easy,” Wheeler interrupts, “we can explain. That amano doesn’t belong here. She’s an outcast and an enemy.”


“A-an enemy?” you stutter. The sudden change in everyone’s mood makes you somewhat queasy. “How can you have enemies when we’re all just visitors of the mansion?”


“Ugh, where do I even start?” Wheeler swims up to you. “You see, when we first got--”


“It’s a pretty long story, but you don’t have to worry about it.” Farron steers the conversation away from Wheeler. “All you have to know,” she explains, “is that we used to be friends with the amano. But she kept trying to fight us, so we banished her from Myrio Ridge.” Farron looks out the entrance for sight of Nesmith and Kieran who had long since disappeared into the forest. “Now we live a calm life.”


“Yeah!” Wheeler chimes in. “Farron is right. Myrio Ridge is an awesome place to live with lots of nice people! You’ll fit in just fine, don’t you think?”

Written by iAteTheRamen on 14 June 2019

Both agree with Wheeler

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