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Pammy smiled as she led them to the car. The five piled in and David stuck his horn out the window, concentrating on clean, pure water.


It began to rain, the fog clearing further and faster, the circle of clarity growing with every moment.


“I’m going to give myself a headache if I keep this up.” He muttered, trying to keep the image of clean water in his mind, his horn making the lowered window a necessity. For an hour they drove, as the fog crept in, David banished it, and they drove in the direction they had seen it billow in from. Soon, they noted that the car needed gas and so they pulled into a nearby, seemingly abandoned gas station. Pammy popped open the tank and began to fuel up as Dani side hugged her and swiped the emergency credit card to pay for a full tank. David, Gazala, Jackie and Dani all headed in to get snacks, leaving Pammy outside to fuel up. She whistled a small tune, enjoying the now clear day, wondering what smelled like licorice on the breeze. When she realized that another wave of the fog was coming in, it had been too late. She staggered back, breathing hard as she felt a chill inside and out. Her shoulders ached, like a muscle does after a hard workout, spreading wider and wider, her breasts slowly began to shrink as her pectorals grew under. Her hips thinned and she watched as her very curvatious form began to look decidedly more masculine. As the russet fur grew in she ran for the door of the gas station, but the fog was too thick to tell which way to go. She was blinded by it, feeling a new weight, where there had once been void between her legs, and a rougher thatch of chestfur on her chest and her jawline.


There was a panicked cry in the distance and she looked up to see a faint light grow brighter,only to banish the fog, David and the others surrounding her.


“Paolo? You alright?” Dani said, hugging.. him, tightly.


“Paolo, who’s.. I’m Pammy.” He said, in a deep baritone. He gasped, feeling his throat, the prominent Adam’s Apple on his foxish neck.


“I always felt you and I were made for one another.” Paolo thought, looking at Dani, who clung to him, as if for safety.


“Ok, all five of us have been changed.” She said, not finally believing their fantastical stories. “We all know what we remember is false, but I think it’s best if, to help the group out, we just try to act like our new selves. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to use the men’s room and learn how to pee standing up.”


David chuckled and shook his head. “How long to you think it’s going to take for us to find the source of the fog?” He asked to the group, Paolo heading into the gas station.


Dani shrugged, “Long as it takes, I don’t see it being more than another hour, though. We have enough clues, and we’ve broken enough rules that whoever did this has got to have noticed that we broke free.”


Jackie nodded. “Yeah, I remember something about some research facility on the outskirts of town, down the road about ten more miles.”


Gazala rumbled, “The path behind shall lead us ahead, but we must remember that memory is not to be trusted.”


Paolo threw open the doors of the gas station, Dani running over to meet him and kissed her boyfriend on the lips. He grunted and looked to David. “Your horn ready to cause a little chaos?”


David nodded as they piled in the car. “Hell yeah, only thing that’s foggy coming up is going to be what we’re going to do to the ones responsible for this.


As they drove off into the distance, the fog soon crept up on the road, as if nursing a wound, and the five friends, a fact that no meddling with reality could change, headed off at ramming speed with a date with destiny.

Written by Jack Ripper on 30 December 2015

The end (for now)

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