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You take a few steps forward, the skin of your feet still feeling bizarre against the coarse texture of the sand still - you won’t adjust to this for a while, you tell yourself. You soon notice that there appears to be a path smack between two trees, a path that leads deeper into the trees.


You pause to peer behind you. The large coral reef you came from hasn’t vanished or somehow sealed itself off, you note, but you feel in your chest that you should keep going forward rather than going back. Besides, you think, there is still that chance you may find a way out of this strange place.


So, you press onward.


You walk along this sandy path, and feel that it seems almost human-made. It’s not perfectly symmetrical, yet the way the ground is between trees on both sides make you think of hiking trails - you begin to ponder this, while you also ponder the circumstances you have found yourself in.


After all, you are now a walking female shark-human hybrid. You don’t know how this happened, nor do you know if the change is permanent or reversible, but here you are, now wandering through a tropical palm tree jungle.


You shrug this off and turn your focus onward, as you make you way through and around this weird sea of palm trees.


There are no noises beyond the noises you make. You don’t smell anything - your new nose doesn’t appear to work as strongly on land, you notice, and your ears don’t work the same, either. It is like you are on a deserted island, somehow.


Yet as you continue moving forward, you begin to feel hungry.


Your stomach grumbles - a low, oddly threatening noise. You stop and glance about you.


The path you came is still there, yet to your eyes, it appears to be stretching on to an endless degree. You don’t recall how long you’ve been moving for, only that you’ve been at this for a while. You know you need sustenance - to continue on without food would be a death sentence, and you’d rather not get to that point where you’re starving.


You look around, gazing up at the trees. Surely, one of them must have something growing, right? You tell yourself as much - tropical island trees always have coconuts or something like fruit.

Written by Hollowpages on 14 May 2019

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