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You take a moment to collect yourself, adjusting to the disorienting shift in reality. As the confusion subsides, you glance down to find yourself in a brown cloak with a single button securing it close. It feels odd against your body, and you realize that something is different. A closer inspection reveals the fur-covered limbs and the distinct sensation of a tail brushing against your legs.


Curious, you look around, taking note of the lively pub scene. The dancing girls, the old angry Scottish bartender, and a shadowy figure in the corner all contribute to the ambiance. You catch a glimpse of your reflection in a nearby mirror and discover the source of your newfound awareness. You've transformed into a were-wolf, your form now that of a sleek and powerful female wolf.


The realization sinks in as you marvel at the strength evident in your body and the heightened senses that come with this form. Your ears twitch at the sounds around you, and you can almost feel the energy coursing through your heightened muscles. Despite the initial surprise, a sense of exhilaration fills you.


Considering your new situation, you decide to explore the pub further. The patrons seem unfazed by your presence, as if encountering supernatural beings is a common occurrence here. You notice a few fellow creatures, some with animalistic features, blending seamlessly with the crowd.


Taking a few cautious steps, you make your way toward the bar. The old Scottish bartender glares at you and speaks, "What is a bitch doing in my pub?"


The word "bitch" from the old Scottish bartender catches you off guard. It stings a bit, realizing that werewolves might not be welcomed in this particular pub. The atmosphere around you shifts subtly, and you sense a few pairs of eyes casting curious or disapproving glances in your direction.


Deciding to avoid unnecessary trouble, you finish your drink quickly and move away from the bar. Your keen werewolf senses pick up the familiar scent of another werewolf, and as you follow it, you spot the shadowy figure in the corner. A quick assessment confirms that he is a male werewolf, currently in human form.


He notices you approaching and, to your surprise, addresses you in a welcoming tone, "What is a bitch doing so far from her pack?" The word, usually laced with negativity, now carries a friendlier connotation as if he's using it more as a term of camaraderie among werewolves. The male werewolf's gaze met yours, his eyes reflecting understanding and camaraderie. "You seem a bit lost in this strange place," he remarked, a subtle smile playing on his lips. "Would you like a hand to travel to my pack? It's not far from here, and you might find some answers there."


You considered his offer, appreciating the sincerity in his voice. "I appreciate that," you replied, "Lead the way," you said, a newfound determination in your eyes.


As the male werewolf led you away from the pub, the surroundings transitioned from the lively chaos to the tranquility of a dense forest. Tall trees reached for the sky, their leaves forming a natural canopy that filtered the moonlight above. The night air carried the distinct scents of earth, pine, and the hint of distant running water.


After a few hours of navigating through the forest, the male werewolf slowed down, gesturing for you to follow him quietly. As you continued, the scent of other werewolves became more pronounced. The pack's territory approached, hidden within the depths of the wilderness.


As you neared the pack's location, you overheard a conversation among the werewolves. One of them, a fellow pack member, spoke up with a mixture of concern and curiosity. "I found a lost bitch," he said, the word chosen carefully to convey respect rather than offense. "I hope we can help her."


Approaching the pack, you could feel a mix of anticipation and acceptance in the air. The other werewolves regarded you with a curious yet friendly demeanor. The pack leader stepped forward, a wise and experienced presence, and spoke, "Welcome. I hope we can help you find your place among us."


With a sense of relief, you realized that the journey through the forest had brought you to a community willing to offer guidance and support. As you joined the pack, the shared howls of the werewolves echoed through the night, marking the beginning of a new chapter in your extraordinary journey.

Written by - on 06 February 2024

The end (for now)

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