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Jared wanted to see it all, but there was no damn way he was going to experience it driving around in a car. He was going to fly through it every day, not giving a damn how tired it made him or how far he would actually get. He was going to quite literally spread his wings and enjoy every second of his freedom like every man should. So that’s what he did. He spent a week in that megatropolis flying everywhere he went, seeing the Greco-Egyptian inspired architecture everywhere in buildings, monuments, parks, and infrastructure. He spent time at the movies and sports games, giggling his head off at how the sphinxes played and acted on their sphinx bodies. He never thought getting to these places would be more fun than being there, his every flight through the city bringing excitement and joy.


Then Leland caught him off guard like he always did. Jared was opening his closet in his bedroom when the sight of three onesies hanging on the rack. Jared had totally forgotten about them. Usually, they didn’t come back until Leland had sent him a new suit and a letter. Did Jared miss them? He went back into the living room to make sure he hadn’t missed anything but saw nothing. A trip to the mailboxes downstairs yielded similar results. Jared flew up to his balcony and gave the place one more look over. He asked his neighbors if they had seen a brown paper package with his name on it. No dice. Jared walked back into his apartment one more time, confused and alarmed. Where is the package? Where is the letter?

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 12 June 2024

The end (for now)

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