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Welcome to Project Zero Central Facility, Wing A star star star star star

Daniel waited tensely for the bright light to go out, not daring to push the abort button. There was no way in Hell he'd get the Override turned back on.


Suddenly the room that the three 'scientists' were in changed, and instead of the dentist's chair and the monitor, it appeared to be the average doctor's office. On the walls, interestingly enough, were posters of animals.


Daniel stepped in and took a seat, trembling in fear and stress. "Why couldn't I have just had plans for Monday night?" he sobbed. He just wanted to go home and see his loving parents again. He began pinching himself on the arm several times, thinking that this may be just another dream. Of course it didn't work, and he ends up with angry red marks on his arm.


"So, you must be Daniel." Says a voice from in the room. He quickly looked up to see another scientist about in his early thirties, wearing a doctor's costume. Daniel deemed it a costume, because these people were way too evil to be real doctors.


"What do you want with me?" Daniel says, on the verge of tears.


"Oh, nothing. I'm just here to give you a check-up and see if you're healthy. You know, like a doctor's appointment. I'm Dr. Smith. Pleased to meet you." He puts on a pair of latex gloves. "So, how have things been going in school?" He asks.


"I... what does it matter to you?"


"Just trying to make small talk. It's what we doctors do. Say 'Aaah'." He says, holding up a popsicle stick and a small flashlight.


Daniel opens his mouth but says nothing, not having the heart to fight back. The fake doctor holds down Daniel's tongue and inspects his tongue, uvula, and tonsils.


"Umm... c-can I please have some clothes?" Daniel asks, suddenly feeling self conscious.


"Clothes? Oh... of course. But in a few hours you won't need them." He opens a drawer and tosses Daniel a patient's smock.


"Great... thanks..." Daniel says sarcastically and puts it on, wishing for a decent pair of pants.


"It's no problem." The 'doctor' beams. The minutes pass as the doctor performs average doctor's office check-up things on Daniel, checking his breathing, reflexes, and even some unorthodox things like checking for nits and fleas.


"You're in good condition. That's quite good. You qualify for the more advanced tests. Congratulations!" He claps his hands in a one man applause.


"Bite me..." Daniel replies.


"What was that?"




"Very good. You don't want me to... 'Override' that bad personality of yours, do you?" He winks.


Daniel whimpers. "N-no sir... I'll behave..." A single tear hits his lap, being absorbed into the smock. Suddenly, a whole week in detention seemed a lot better than this.


The room is filled with bright light, and Daniel is forced to close his eyes. Not only because the light's intensity, but also for decency reasons. Pammy had just been teleported in, and she was just as naked as Daniel had been.


"It's time for you to leave, Daniel." Dr. Smith grabs him by the shoulder and steers him towards another door, pushing him out. "Wait here, please, until all your friends have arrived. He closes the door behind Daniel after going back in the room with Pammy.


The next room was an average waiting room lobby. There were security cameras in each corner of the room. The receptionist's desk was empty behind the glass people-wise.


Daniel realised he was hungry... oddly, he could smell food. He looked towards the smell and saw what appeared to be a hot-meal vending machine. He approached it, considering breaking it open since, even if he DID have any money, the scientists wouldn't care the tiniest bit about taking it from him. Fortunately, there was a small envelope on the table next to the machine, open with money sticking out.


There were five of them, actually. Each labelled with his and his friend's names and the message "For food" written on them.


Daniel takes his and inserts a few quarters into the machine. It opens up for him and he takes a miniature single-serving pizza. The door behind him opens and Pammy comes out, tears streaming down her face, wearing a smock like Daniel's.


Daniel abandons his pizza and runs to Pammy, thankful for her being alive, and pissed at the scientists for kidnapping them all.


"Are you okay!?"


"Th-they... put... something in my body... I couldn't... move... they teased me...!" She says breaking down. Daniel does his best to comfort her, knowing another of his friends was in the checkup room at the moment going through the same thing that he did.


"I know... it's okay, Pammy..." He hugs her and rocks back and forth, crying with her...


Eventually they get themselves under control, and Gassam and Jake appear from the door, both wearing smocks. They greet each other solemnly and sit together, huddling in a corner.


After they had found the money and eaten, Dr. Smith comes into the room. "So I see you're having a pleasant reunion. Very good. Jake, you may be the most agreeable to what we will do. I hear you like... what was it?" He looks at a clipboard.


"Ah yes... 'Furries'?"


To the other four's horror, Jake perks up.




"Hehe, that's very good. You're first."

Written by Kibaoftheleaves on 17 August 2008

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