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You have no choice but to follow the game and hope you survive. You go to the airlock and pull your pistol out. You pull the clip out to check it. All the bullets are there, no faults in the gun, all seems to be in order.


Then, before continuing, you think ahead. <What will happen if run out of ammo, and there is none in the base? I can't go around punching the snot out of all the demons, they'll most likely rip me limb from limb before I take out one of them!>;


So, with this foresight in mind, you return to the transport to look for ammo. You look for a couple of minutes and result in: 4 pistol clip (added to your original 6 you now have 10, with 12 in each), 12 shotgun shells, an axe (why UAC marines have axes on a dead planet is beyond your understanding) and some light armor.


After filling your belt with the extra ammo, and then putting on the armor, you feel more secure. Shaky, maybe, but you feel more safe knowing that you have at least some protection from the fiendish monsters that dwell within the future.


Dost thou feel ready to go inside?

Illustrated by underdrag

Written by underdrag on 04 May 2006

The end (for now)

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