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"Great" you say aloud, watching the mana on your screen trickle away. "the game gave me a skill that is bugged"


Looking through the menu you try and find the exit button. Unfortunately the only menu screens you can find are the ones in game. No saving or loading. But the more concerning is their are no help or exit buttons.


Reaching up you feel only your head and no trace of the googles.


Finding no way out you start going through the menus again, learning the interface.


A map screen, that just has an arrow saying "You are here".
An inventory screen, with an empty box.
And your stat screen.


While you are busy looking through the screen, you hear the ding as something else is absorbed.


Absorb has successfully absorbed Unique:Unicorn


Watching your hands, you are quite surprised to see your thumb shift into your hand leaving you with just your four fingers. You also feel a weight from above your eyes. While you don't have a mirror you assume it is a unicorn horn.

Written by catprog on 09 March 2019

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