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You recognize the word Kee as the word for fox in what is called the ancient tongue. You reply in kind. With few words exchanged the copters return, forcing you to flee once more. Lerru follows with you, guiding you between the tall trees. Over a hill and down a slope, you keep moving for the sake of the fur on your back. You can't stop for a moment for death rides on your heels. Bombs drop and the wildlife around you scrambles in total disarray. Confusion and panic surrounds you and every other living thing in the forest. The trees themselves begin to whine and cry, innocent to everything.


Lerru now stops dead with you right behind him. You've run out of places to go. You now stand at the edge of a cliff with nothing but water below. What must be a nine hundred foot drop beckons you to join the deep but you know you cannot survive the fall. Lerru kneels for a moment, paws glowing. He chants a charm over and over as you both begin to glow a bright yellow. He calls to you to help him. You don't know what to do so you follow along in the chant and try your best to concentrate. You can feel the magic welling inside of you and channeling through your arms to your paws.
Fire erupts from your pawpads, shooting from your fingertips. You take aim at the copter and throw all of your will into the chant. It's all for this You whisper to yourself and time stops for a moment, only resuming with a loud crash. Huge flames leap from your paws and streak toward the enemy. Such a spectacle leaves even the trees silent. A direct hit on the copter has felled it. The wreckage now lays in flames mere yards from you. The other copters swirve and turn, running from your magic.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 24 November 2013

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