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“Hey, do you need some help?” someone from behind you asks. You turn around to find a handsome male wombat with sturdy body. He hands over his coat to you, showing off his charming smile to you.


“Thank you,” you accepts the coat graciously, “I’m sorry, I had no idea what came over me. Everything has been such a shock to me.”


“Oh yeah? And I wonder what could have happened that managed to make you walk out naked in public,” the good looking male says. His dark eyes light up when he smiles, and you find your heart beating just a little bit faster. His face is angular and his jaw structure brings out all of his best features. Despite him having a furry visage, you can not help but admire his clean-cut looks.


His fur is a lighter shade of grey. His hair is short and spiky, showing off the wilder side of him. But it is not just that. You can also sense that predatory look hidden in his eyes, whenever you look at him in the eyes. He wears a tight sleeveless shirt and jogging pants underneath, which allows you to appreciate the curves of his toned muscles. The curves of those hard abs . . . just looking at them makes your mouth water. The male appears to be very confident with himself. And why can’t he? The he is build with raw strength and poiseness.


“It was a long story,” you say, now blushing for an entirely different matter. You are not sure if you should bare everything to a complete stranger, but then again, this person has just saved you from further public humiliation by giving you the coat. The least you can do is share your story.


“Well, wow,” the wombat person scratches the back of his head, “I think you might be able to find some help from the costume shop nearby, though I don’t think you should advertise about your true nature to anyone. You might find that not everyone is as accepting as I am.”


The man gives you an instruction on how to get there and his best of luck in resolving your problem. But you manage to stop her before you guys depart.


“Wait a second. I haven’t learn your name.”


“You can call me Jack,” he flashes you a wide grin, which you feel is very infectious

Written by stellapurple on 20 September 2016

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