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Where is that fox? He has vanished again with traditional, russet stealth. You have heard that foxes are sly under normal circumstances. Would those traits translate to a half-human and half-fox character? You hope not. Taking a corner at breakneck speed, your breath grates and you dive into a group of female furs chatting about their clubbing experience, laughing like hyenas every few seconds. Wait. Of course, a dolled up hyena was the main culprit of inane laughter, you should have guessed. No one notices the addition to the group and you duck your head to avoid your horn from being spotted. No further yelps or canine howls are forthcoming so you feel that you have duly outsmarted the pooches, a victory in itself.


Slipping to the edge of the group, for you do not want to be caught out in your ruse, you act as if you are following the street signs, even though they are meaningless to you, and are just walking with the group as they happen to be there. As you pass an alleyway, however, a paw lands on your arm and drags you roughly into the musty passage. You have barely a chance to take events into account when a grey paw presses over your lips, forcing your head back against the hard, brick wall. Stars burst in your vision and you struggle briefly, stilling as something sharp presses against your throat. The wolf bares his sharp teeth and chuckles dangerously. What is going on? Surely this is just another part of the show? It must be. Licking his lips, the wolf leans in close, panting softly as he pulls the knife back.


“I’ve been watching you, sweetheart,” the wolf breathes in your ear, making you shiver. “You’ve got cash on you, I can smell it. You can get it. Give me all that you’ve got and perhaps I’ll let you get away...unmarked.” He turns the knife deliberately between his fingers, fingering the blade.

Written by Amethyst Mare on 23 June 2013

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