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Gassan in particular was sitting, his head snapping up in surprise as he spotted Daniel, his eyes widening in shock at the sight of the coat in his friend’s arms. “Hey, Daniel! Wait-!” Refusing to listen, Daniel darted down the hallway, quickening his pace as he turned the corner sharply, hurrying down the stairs and right out the front door, leaving his friends in the dust. Judging from the sky, it was sundown already - hardly anyone in the neighborhood was out and about; and surely, no one would be at the beach at this hour, considering his town had quite a small population anyway. He had no time to stop and chat; the alluring pull of the local beach was just too much for him. He needed to be near water, or better yet, in it; as soon as possible. It took a few minutes of running before Daniel reached the beach as a panting and wheezing mess from the amount of energy he’d thrown into running off like that.


With the coat in his arms, he kicked off his shoes and stepped onto the warm sand, feeling the grains shift between his toes with each step he took toward the shoreline. A smile actually tugged at the corner of his lips as he stood there, the salty breeze ruffling his locks of hair as he hugged his coat to his chest for another moment. Daniel gazed out at the beautiful ocean before him, it’s usual cerulean color enhanced with a pretty yellow and orange hue from the setting sun against the darkening sky. He took a few more steps forward; as he did so, the gentle tide approached, the frothy, dark water greeting his feet as it surrounded them, only to recede back into the ocean from whence it came. Daniel was hardly thinking anymore; his focus remained on the ocean even as he slowly began to put his coat on, slipping his arms in and adjusting it around his body, enjoying the warmth it offered him.

Written by monochromecheshire on 11 May 2017

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