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The way to a lioness's heart is... hopefully, not through her stomach. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Fighting off the lionesses is obviously not an option; you missed that opportunity when you let your guard down before. Maybe you can reason with them.


"Um." You decide to start with the direct approach. "Is there any way I can persuade you not to eat me?"


The lionesses look amused. "Like what?" says one sarcastically.




"There's nothing else we need." The lioness on top of you looks amused by the idea. "We own this savanna. We're the only big predators that come here. All we need is meat, and there's plenty on a nice big giraffe like you. We can keep those slobs over there from complaining for days."


"Can you hurry up?" calls one of the male lions. A few others open their eyes. "I'm starving."


"See what I mean? It's nothing personal." The lioness grins apologetically at you. "But we're hungry."


You feel her claws tense slightly. "Wait!" you choke, trying another line of reasoning. "Couldn't you eat some other giraffe? One that doesn't talk?"


The lionesses laugh. "There aren't any," says the one sitting on you. "There aren't any normal animals here at all. That's the problem with this world - we have nothing to eat but visitors. You get used to it after a while." She gives you a sympathetic look. "Too bad you didn't pick a predator species - you could have been our sister instead of our lunch." The lionesses laugh again.

Written by Chrysalis on 06 April 2008


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