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"Hey let's go up the staircase" Daniel says.


"Are you sure?" Pammy questioned, "Looks as if it could fall at any moment."


"No, it looks sturdy to me," Daniel said, "Here to prove how sturdy it is, I will go up first and when I get to the top without it breaking I will call to you guys.


"Fine, but break a leg; will ya?" Jake laughs.


"Thanks." Danie held onto the railing as he climbed. Each stair squeaked as he moved toward the top, rust started building up on the palm of his hand as he continue to drag his hand up the rail. Why did I want to do this, Daniel though to himself. He was nearing the top now. A dim light could be seen, it then took him a minute to realize he no longer hear his friends. He turned around and as he did he felt the staircase give under his weight. He instinctively grabed for something and caches the ledge of the next floor.


"Oh shit," he screams. The adrenaline is pumping through him and he slowly pulls himself onto the next floor. He rolls over onto h<is back, breathing heavily, As he lies there for a few moments to catch his breath. "Where are my friends now," he thought.


He stands up and looks around and notices the dim light is coming from a switch to his right. He walks towards it and tries to read what it says, but the words have rusted away with the metal. "Maybe it's the power" he thought. He decided to pull the switch, as he does, the lights above him come on. He takes another look around and sees that he is standing on a board walk and on each side of it are several vats with a variety of coloured liquids.


He starts crossing and hears something from behind him, he looks, but nothing is there. He sees small waves emitting from the liquids to his right. He looks to the other side and sees they are also moving. He decides to look inside one of them to see what is going on.


Which one is it? There are a few to choose from.

Written by Shuusuke on 18 June 2008

The yellow liquid.

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