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He nods. "I think that would be a good idea to get me used to the process. "


She grins "Ok."


Dave would then feel his legs merging together and then flowing out, into a very large fish tail.


He looks at it in a mix of shock and surprise. "What are you turning me into?"


She grins and shows off her new tail which looks remarkably similar. "Have a guess"


He opens his mouth to speak when there is a growing sensation on his chest. "A mermaid. Your turning me into a mermaid?"


She giggled. "Yes." She smiled while a bikini appeared over his chest, to cover his growing assets.


"Why female though?"


"Well, you are going to have to get used to quite a few different bodies. So this is the start of your training."


"Training? As a woman? But I'm a guy. A man." Dave responded, his voice crackling and rising in pitch. He felt around his throat and discovered his Adam's apple shrinking and vanishing.


"Oh yeah?" She grins as a mirror appear, floating upright in the water. "It does not look like it at the moment."


He looks into the mirror to see the full extent of the changes done to him. He felt as well as saw his facial hair slowly vanish, leaving smooth skin, which began to soften more, while his face rounded out, losing its rough edges. His eyelashes grew longer, nose shrunk down and became cute button like, and lips plumped out.


Breathing became hard as his gut flattened, belly button becoming slim and stretched, like on a supermodel, and his hair started to lengthen and grow down to mid back. He felt other changes, around the region where man became fish, and he could tell he was no longer a man in any form.


Dave looked at her reflection in awe, blushing when she realized she was getting turned on from looking at herself. "This is my training?" She asked.


"In a matter of speaking. While you're here you might as well learn to be other things." She smiled and swam underwater, the pool expanding and turning into a deep ocean.


"But don't we need to get my old body going quickly to start repairs?"


Corina surfaced. "Your body is stored in records. Don't worry. The data is backed up so we can change you back whenever. We're not that stupid." She laughed before diving, tail splashing Dave as she swam deeper into the water.


Dave follows her "I am talking about if someone finds the body"


Corina turned to her, smiling. "It's waiting for you to issue a command. Only you can control it, but overall it is on autopilot. Come on, give it a shot. Focus on the connection and tell your body to walk around. Leave the room and walk around."


"But I'm not in the room."


"Your mind isn't. Your body still is. The converted body. Go. Just think of walking out of the room and exploring, gathering data and sending it to the central processor for the rest of us to see."


She tries to think about it and in her mind she sees a view of the room. "I have a view of the room. However I can't seem to get it to move."


She smiles "Of course not. Out there is slow compared to in here. Your body is already receiving the command, and will function. Give it a few seconds. The system is made like any machine, and they couldn't fully slow it down enough to where it be real life speed. You will feel like you've been in here for days when it's only been a few hours."


Dave nods "How long do you think it will take to repair the machine and get me back to normal?"


"Inside or Outside time?"


"Um, inside." Dave asked.


"A month, if everything goes smoothly." Corina replied.


"And how long of that will you keep me female?"


"That is up to you, the sooner you can change yourself, the sooner you can make yourself male again." She responds with a large grin before turning and swimming away.


"What? Hey!" Dave swam after her, her long powerful fish tail glimmering in the sunlight.


Corina looks over her shoulder and grins before putting on a further burst of speed. By the time Dave draws level they have arrived above a shipwreck.


"So you have gotten the speed part of this body down, but now it is time for the maneuvering part. We have a shipwreck to explore." She quickly swam through a hole in the side of the ship, leaving Dave to float outside.

Written by Universal6 + Catprog on 17 July 2012

The end (for now)
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