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The figure chuckled, again an almost guttural noise. “Humans. How fascinating it is that some of you can be so terrified, while others are easily intrigued. I[‘ve seen many who freaked out even worse than you have, while others still have been the opposite. Nevertheless… let me try and ease your fears.” The figure slowly started to move from the shadows, and thus, began to take shape.


Daniel’s eyes widened. “What…”


Darkness became a physical form, a body moving on four legs. It had a long face, pointed ears, and what became quickly apparent was that it possessed not one, but nine tails flowing behind it, almost like a billowing gown. Then, color drenched the figure’s body, and within minutes, Daniel found himself gaping at the sight of a large fox, which eyed him with humanlike eyes.


“Does this form suit you more?” the creature asked, its voice softer now, silkier… and still obviously feminine. “As I said, you needn’t be afraid. Were you to be killed or eaten or what have you, again, we would not be speaking.”


Daniel needed a moment to gather himself. Several, in fact, to pick his jaw off the floor - first - and then to realize what the hell was going on. He was speaking to…


Daniel’s mind raced. “You’re… a kitsune?”


The fox cocked her head to the side, a look of amusement mixed in with a tint of surprise coloring her human eyes. “Ah, how curious. It isn’t often those I visit know of what I am. Yes. I am a kitsune, as you say.”


He knew. He knew because, in part, he’d grown up being a fan of Japanese anime, and he’d seen quite a number of shows that involved the kitsune, the legendary - and often deadly - nine-tailed fox creature that was either a monster or a spirit, sometimes even both. This fondness for anime had led to him growing to enjoy Japanese culture. That, however, was neither here nor there.


“But… but you’re…” Daniel couldn’t make himself finish as he pushed this aside and tried to grab onto reality.


“Not real?” She laughed again. “I assure you, dear boy, I’m very much real. My kind are real, in fact. We simply don’t reveal ourselves to humans unless we wish to, like now, for example.” She eyed him with a strangely thoughtful expression for a large, nine-tailed fox. “I’ve been watching you, Daniel. Watching, listening, learning. I feel you may be a good fit for me.”


Daniel frowned. “A good… fit? For what?”


“For a human host, of course,” the kitsune replied.


Daniel tried to steady his nerves. “Human host?” Immediately, his mind went to horror movies and all manner of stories about possessions. “Oh, God…”

Written by Hollowpages on 08 September 2019


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