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You jump through the window, amazed at how you managed to so easily squeeze trough the small frame of the window with your new massive body. The cold air of the night against your body feels amazing, feels like freedom.


You jump over to the street with ease and for the first time in your life you really run. With surprising grace you run through the streets, breathing deeply the cold air. It’s wonderful!


You wings spread almost instinctively, the strokes come naturally with each step as you discover muscles you never had used before. You jumps as high as you can, flaring your wings to catch the first draft and soar high.


You stroke the wind and rose until the houses were dark, slumbering humps in a sea of electric lights. You pump your wings harder, eager to climb higher and higher in the night sky, to reach the stars and touch the moon.


Your eyes capture a strange movement coming from the streets below. What at first you see as a horse running through the streets, but your sharp eyes quickly distinguish the protruding horn in its head. Not much farther away is another strange creature, a giant black hound with three heads. And soon you caught the glimpse of other gryphon like you gaining the skies.


You try to reach the other gryphon only to see that he seems to be following something you can’t discern. Easily you follow him through the night sky, for your new eyes the faint light of the moon is more than enough to keep track of him. And you are sure this one is a male, only by his smell you know he is not a female like you.


You caught yourself suddenly having strange new thoughts about this creature. Sex and even dating had never had any allure for you before, but this new shape seems to have released you from shackles you never had even realized where there. You want to fly close to him, to show off your skill.Maybe caught his sight.


You giggle silently as you try to approach him, but as he seems to notice you he dives and seems to be avoiding you at first, but a quick turn of his head and a wink convinces you it’s only a game. Probably the most enticing game you have ever played.


You dive after him, slightly twisting your wings to make a sharp turn over your potential mate.


You freeze mid-flight, almost falling from the sky as the word hits your mind. Mate. For the first time in your life you crave for the attention of other person, your new body pulses with the alluring desires of lust. You flap your wings harder to recover some altitude.

Written by Ashley-natter on 03 February 2017

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