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Bast leads you over to the ridge in question. As the two of you peer over, it becomes clear what she’s referring to. There’s a group of men, five to be exact, sitting around and drinking as they clean their rifles. Four of the men are obviously tourists. They’re middle aged white guys dressed up in khaki clothes and pith helmets. The fifth man seems to be a guide of sorts, a younger looking African man leaning against the party’s jeep.


“Who are they?” You ask. For a split second you worry about giving away your position but it seems like Bast controls the vocal cords too, for your question only echoes in your thoughts.


“Poachers, humans who paid gross amounts of money to illegally hunt. And do you know what creature it is they aim to hunt this day?” Bast asks, her words also internalized. It’s like a telepathic conversation almost.


“No… And honestly I have no idea how you’d know either…” You reply.


“Lions,” she says in a flat, bitter tone. “Their aim is to slaughter a pride of lions and take their carcasses as trophies!”


“Oh… Do you have like, some psychic connection with lions or something? I still don’t know how you found these guys.”


“It doesn’t matter!” Bast exclaims, “these foolish men will be the perfect practice for our powers. I will not force you to to do the act yourself, you may simply use this time as a chance to observe and learn. Now then, let us begin!”


Written by Kolaghan on 14 August 2018

Male Falling

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