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Fur rustling through the wind, your muscles flex and contract with great swiftness as your mane flows like a fire behind you. The sheep veer left, you turn right, they run forward and you skillfully and quickly carve your away around them, leading a herd of hundreds of sheep across the field.


The ram watches you exert the last of your energy bringing his herd back in range of the cottage, he stands with a hoe, just finishing his daily tasks of shearing sheep, cutting grass, turning soil, the usual. He begins to feel the tremors in his hooves as the herd’s own hoofsteps grow closer. They grow into a cacophony of thundering hoofs as they return into their stables, being led skillfully by a great lion, towering over the fluffy little creatures.


You stand up to see the product of your work, gasping for air yet still standing tall and confident. You feel as if you’ve worked nearly to your limit, but you still feel as though you could be standing on top of the world with the level of exertion you were able to deal with.
“My human body would NOT be able to run that fast, that far, or for that long” you think to yourself, as your tense muscular body begins to relax. Your runners high begins to fade as you approach the ram once again, through a crowd of sheep, slowly filling through a small wooden gate.


“Think ye can take these sheep out for another run tonight? You can protect them right?”
You nod proudly, knowing that within the next few hours your body will have the urge to make this run once again, you’ve been having many urges.


That night you think to yourself how much fun this new job is, but you can’t seem to shake the fact that there must be something more out there for you. Your muscles eager for another run, you get ready to herd again. The moonlight glowing off your fur as you step outside, you look to the pen to see a crowd of sheep huddled together, much like the fluffy clouds you had seen upon waking up in this pasture.
“Maybe it’s about time I change things up”


You find yourself running along the herd of sheep, watching their ankles as they careen past you. You can see their muscles flexing underneath their fur, it looks so beautiful in this moonlight. It looks so delicious.


Your urges can no longer be contained. You fall back and ease your way to the back of the herd, you know you want to pick off one of the smallest weakest sheep so that your deeds won’t be seen. In an instant you find yourself on top of a smaller sheep.


“Please wait” they bleat out to you, “If you try to eat me everyone will know… The farmer will have you slaughtered”
You didn’t know what had come over you, maybe you should have had some extra haggas.

Written by Driftingdragon on 03 October 2019

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