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The same blanket that slid over you to hide yesterday now rolls back and lets the suns rays beat upon your dreary face. The sounds of the forest also return to you as you wake. Your last day here, the last day in this majestic and yet treacherous land. You haven't seen your assailants in days and so you figure it safe to sleep in this morn. As you bask in the glory of the land and it's spleandour you listen, just listen. Everything around you is alive and teeming with intent. The birds and the bugs, the mammals and the reptiles, the sky and the land, all set on their own intentions. You are also intent; on staying alive. The supreme majesty of your surroundings is broken in an instant however, as the sky grows darker above you. It is not rain clouds, it is your assailants. The gryphons from the territory you had just left have found you once more. W

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 30 March 2013


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