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Your body still feels... well, not your own. You let your hands roam across your chest for a moment, trying to grow accustomed to the feeling of the six breasts that are resting on your chest -- you aren't sure that you'll be able to, and instead, you head for the closet with a bit of trepidation. The whole prospect of the room shifting and changing without your knowledge of the fact that it was going to happen was one thing; your transformation is another.


But, in the end, you know that you'll find a way to make it work.


"Bitch..." You mutter the word again under your breath, oddly shocked at how degrading it feels, even though you know that it's just the technical term for a female dog; your mind is still quite human, after all. That isn't what it has meant any time you've heard or said it. You pull open the closet doors and let out a low, surprised whistle.


There are a lot of clothing options to choose from in here. It's more than you have in your closet, that's for sure. You grab the first shirt that you can find, and you're both relieved to cover up your copious amount of breasts, and a bit irritated that it's clearly designed to accentuate them. It's much the same as the human world in the fact that the clothing can be modest and yet form fitting all at once -- in this world, however, form-fitting means that anyone and everyone who sees you is going to see the multiple pairs of swelling on your chest.


It's all a bit too strange for you. You know the rules of the game that you're playing, and you know that you have to eventually find next costume that you need to wear... but you know that you can't simply rush into it.


You can hardly manage to walk around the room with the way that your legs bend, the joints completely different from what you're used to. There's an entirely different physical structure to your body -- though you're anthropomorphic, your body retains features of the dog that you've turned into...


And there's also the fact that you're missing a very essential part of who you once were, and the fact that you can walk without feeling it between your legs is disconcerting, to say the least.


No, you think that you'll just stay in your room for the day... whatever your room is.


You clasp the ID firmly in your paw, which is a strange sensation all on its own, and you back up towards the bed -- your eyes shift down to it again, and you let out a small sigh.


"Bitch..." You mutter the word out again with a small sigh, letting the pad of your fingertip play against the ID.


The fact that you have an ID at all makes you wonder exactly what your life is here; the rules that were set out before you were strange... and you weren't sure that you'd really understood everything after all. You'd made the decision to go along with what was happening because you felt like there was nothing else that you could do, but now that you've done it...


You feel lost.

Written by Karlyene on 06 June 2018


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