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Transformation Mansion star star star halfstar emptystar

There are many points in the mansion where you will change forms.


The more nights you spend in a form the more your behavior will reflect that form (also the longer you stay at a time the quicker your behaviour changes).


If you change forms your behavior will go to the current state of that form for you.


(e.g you are a tiger for 10 nights , become a dolphin for another 10 and become a tiger again. The tiger form behavior is still the same as is was when you become a dolphin)


You can only spend 30 consecutive nights or 90 total in a form before your behavior is totally that form's behavior.


Also after 300 nights in the mansion, you will become the form that you have spent the most of the last 300 days in (apart from the one you entered in) in its current state.


If any of the 3 previous situations (30 consecutive or 90 in one form or 300 nights total) occur you will then be teleported out of the mansion.


You may also leave at any time through any exit, except the one you entered in. You will leave the mansion in whatever your current state of mind and body


If you leave the mansion by any means you may not come back for 5 years.


To start you off you will receive a transformation into a...

Illustrated by Catprog

Written by Catprog on 04 July 2004

Tiger star star emptystar emptystar emptystar

You watch in a mirror as fur ripples down your body replacing your clothes.


Soon you are a full tiger

Written by on 04 July 2004

Go upstairs star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You pad up the stairs marveling at how soft each step sounds.


When you get to the top you notice many doors.


Which one do you wish to go into?


Written by on 09 August 2004

The one with the tv on it emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You pad in to the room to see a giant wide screen tv along with every game system ever made. You notice that the controls have been specially adapted to allow you to play even in a tigers' body.


You look behind you to see every game ,every tv show and every movie ever made.


So what do system do you want or would you like to watch something?


Written by catprog on 14 January 2008

Both Movie.
Both TV
Both Console
Both Handheld
Both PC