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"Dare," Daniel said. "I'll go for a dare."


It was silly, something that a senior in high school shouldn’t really be participating in, but
he didn’t care. He had to know and it might be fun too. Plus, it made Pammy happy as
evidenced when she smiled and clapped her hands together.


"Perfect," she said. "Perfect! I have just the dare." Her smile broadened and she leaned
in towards Daniel, her next words a whisper. "Have you heard of Area 50?"


Daniel stiffened, and nodded.


"Good," she said. "I dare you to go there and I double dare you to bring something


"Fine," Daniel said, smiling now too. "I'll bring you back a rock or maybe a few pebbles!"


"No." Pammy smirked. "I don't just double dare you--I double dog dare you to bring me
something strange from there!"


Daniel blinked, and then nodded again.


"Fine--I'll bring you a big spider! Or maybe a giant cockroach!"


She shrieked and shook her head, but he was already walking off.


"I'll be back," he said. "Then it's your turn."


Written by skiesofsilver on 13 January 2017

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