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You blanked out as the droning of his voice nearly put you to sleep. He seemed to be taken aback by your silent planning- or was it? He had absolutely no way to know, you just remained silent until you both had reached the end of the road.
“Do you think you can handle that small task?” he asked you with a firm head tilt. You found yourself in this too far so your immediate answer was to not, as his question seemed to jar you out of your hypnotized state. “Okay sounds good.”
The two of you continued walking until you both reached the edge of a cliff. Your brother reached into the bushes to grab a machine which looked way too sophisticated for you to use. The blinking red laser beams droned, stunning you almost as the array of lights flashed in a seemingly random fashion. The technology had seemed like it was something from the far future, almost sci-fi like as he gripped the machinery between his paws.
“We gotta do this now okay. Or else we’re going to miss our narrow window of getting things right.” Before you knew it, the two of you had seemed to flash immediately through time and space, placing you both back at the palace,

Written by Driftingdragon on 16 May 2020

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