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“I um... I don’t think of them in that way. We’re just friends.” You said with a blush, silently thankful your fur masked the reddening of your cheeks.


“Yeah yeah, and me and Oak were just friends for a few weeks before I remember popping out three little badgers.” She chuckled slightly while gently patting over your belly and checking the pads of your massive claws.


“Hey Maple. I would like to think we are still friends, you old goat.” Oak chuckled as his sons arrived with grins on their faces, each of them covered in dirt with muddy paws as they rubbed noses with their parents in front of you.


“We dug out a bit of the burrow for you, but it’s a little cramped right now. If you want to stay a while, then we can widen it out even more tomorrow.” Reed said while standing on his ball.


You feel something tugging at your collar like a warm bit of metal. Your mind drifts between your life as a… human-you think the creature is called and that of your real life here with the friendly badgers that decided to take you into their little home. You feel like that you’ve finally come home.


The time with your surrogate family seemed to be like a blur as they got you adjusted to their burrow life. You learned how to fish to as well as Pine, to burrow as well as Lotus, but you were much too large to keep both of your feet on the ball with Reed as the bruise slowly forming on your head taught you.


Written by Mr Woofles on 13 March 2016

The end (for now)

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