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The screen pops up again. This time their is only a single choice on it.




You wait around but nothing changes, gulping you press the button.


The change is swift. First your chest expands, leaving you a decent pair of breasts.


Your hair grows down to your shoulders. A golden color to match your fur.


From the sensations between your hind legs you are now female their as well.


The screen closes.


Looking around the setting has changed as well. You are now in the middle of a park. Luckily their is no one around to see you naked. Although for some reason you don't mind not having clothes, it is after all just a game.


You reach up to take the google off and find your paw moving instead. Does this mean you are stuck here and can't get out? Or is their a way out and you just have to find it?

Written by catprog on 02 June 2016

Both Your first Quest

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