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This time, you found yourself in a normal-looking hospital room. You felt a sense of relief wash over you as you saw the rays of the setting sun filtering through the curtains.


Maybe it really was just a bad dream after all...and maybe now it was finally over.


But then you looked at your hands. You blinked and looked again, and your eyes did not deceive you; there was fur growing on your hands. Your nose felt itchy, and when you scratched it you swore you felt...whiskers. You squeezed your eyes shut and tried to forget what you had seen, but soon the door opened.


You immediately wanted to spring up and try to bolt out of the room, out of wherever you were being kept, but the normal hospital bed wasn't so normal after all. Chains burst from the sides of the bed, wrapping firmly around your waist, ankles and wrists, pinning you down to that deceptively comfortable cushion below you.


Your vision was cloudy, but you heard a "friendly" voice: "Oh dear, I'm ssso ssssorry. You mussstn't move yet, or you'll hurt yoursssself. It ssseems that your nervoussss system is reacting quite sssstrongly to the STT dosesss we've adminissssstered, so we were forced to bring you here to ssssave your life." It was a man's voice, surely, but he made strange hissing sounds whenever he spoke.


You opened your eyes wider and barely managed to move your head to the side. It was a man, but there were green scales on his face and hands and his amber eyes were that of a lizard's. Other than his reptilian features, he looked like an average, friendly doctor. "You'll be fine now. The next phassse will begin tomorrow," his voice was so kind that you almost wanted to accept that what was happening to you was...acceptable. "We wanted to wait until you gave usss your anssswer, but..." He continued speaking, but your head was spinning.


You closed your eyes and prayed that this wasn't real. If it was real...then you hoped that you would die.


You felt that your body was changing, you knew it was. Just what insanity were you about to be subjected to? What was going to happen to you? You didn't want to change. You were happy with who you were--a normal, boring boy with a normal, boring life. But this place, these "people", wanted to take that all away from you.


And there was nothing you could do.


Illustrated by Merieth

Written by Merieth on 04 March 2018

Both The Days Blur

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