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With a flish and a flash, there you are, in the big ol', shiny ol' Pokemon world. Lo and behold, you're in Pallet Town, the place where it all begins.


Happy anime people are living their happy lives, mostly talking about Ash Ketchum. You'd never guess it from the movies but, I mean c'mon; he's saved the world like five times now.


But! The sun's warm on your face, people are smiling at you and saying "konnichiwa" and stuff, and the world seems to be at peace. You walk around, pulling an Our Town:


"Why, there's Professor Oak's laboratory! There, there's that grassy path leading off into the Pokemon infested wilds that they've...never...paved? And there! There's... his boyhood home! Why, I could go anywhere! The choices are many!"

Written by Mr.Peaches on 23 July 2006

The end (for now)
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