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You are a male human who has fallen into a underground cavern filled with costumes.Every costume is of an animal.Looking around you finally decide on putting on a seal costume. The moment you put the costume on it comes alive and starts to cover you.Your legs fuse together and your feet become a tail.Your arms become fins as you are covered by dark brown fur.Your nose disappears and your ears become like that of a real seal's.However,you are not finished yet.You blink a few times as your vision changes.You can hear extremely well and smell better than any man.Your taste has also improved and you can clearly detect salt in the water.
You also feel an incredible urge to swim in the water.
You might have turned into a seal,but you still have your human mind.This means that you are aware of your situation.
Sadly,this does not mean that you are any less confused.You look down at your flippers and wiggle your tail.You certainly have an incredible urge to swim.What happens if you follow this urge?You dive into the water and find yourself on the coast.
You laugh as you dive into the water.You feel an incredible urge to go faster and swim.You swim until the cave is out of sight,then...
You suddenly see something shiny on the ocean floor off to the side.
You dive down to look at it.It looks like a necklace made of shells.You pick it up and examine it.
You hear a voice coming from the surface.You look up,but you can't see anyone there.The voice sounds very far away now.
You swim up to see a man looking over the ocean.You swim to the shore hidden away from the humans.The moment you get out of the water a feeling comes through telling you can remove your skin.You do so and drop it into the sand.You feel a burning sensation all over your body,as if you got a very bad sunburn.You find yourself flexing your fingers and stretching your legs,which now feel incredibly cramped.Your lungs fill with air and you take a deep breath.
You look down to see that you are now a female human. You quickly grab your seal skin and put it over your back.You turn to see the man from before standing on the beach.
He looks very old,but his eyes look fresh and full of life.You realize he is blind.
"Hello!" he says in a jolly voice.
"Hello," you reply back nervously.
"You shouldn't be out here,the sea can be very dangerous for children like you."
You look down at your bare feet and wiggle your toes in the soft sand.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 11 February 2021

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