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Gassan stands in an old closet-like room. Scattered among shelves are old books, pieces of paper with illegible writing on them, and even some weapons scattered about.


Gassan picks up a small pistol from the ground. It looks too out-of-place for a complex like this. All the other weapons here are AK-47 and similar… all rifle-type guns. Why would a pistol be laying at his feet, plain as day?


“There you are,” Daniel says, looking at Gassan in the closet, hunched on the floor. He stands erect and quickly slips the gun into his pocket, “Scared us, dude! Come on, let’s try and stay together.”


“Where’s Pammy?” Gassan asks, “Was she not with you?”


“She decided to go back into the main room. She was kinda creeped out by bugs and stuff,” Daniel chuckled, “I’m actually about to go back and keep her company. She seemed pretty freaked.”


“I’m sure that would be okay,” Gassan says, “I’ll keep these two company as well.”

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 02 May 2015


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