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The following day is when you and the male squirrel start to execute your plan. The two of you arrive to your classes on time as to not rouse any suspicion, then during lunch the two of you meet up and discuss the logistics of your plan.
“Okay so if you’re looking for a costume I think I know where you can find one.”
“Where?” you ask as the two of you whisper to each other, hunched over the lunch table.
“Mr Morrison’s classroom, you know the theater teacher! He’s bound to have something that may be useful to you.
“I think my next period is theater!” you reply elated.
“Yeah, and my next class is bullshit, so I can totally skip that one to help you out!”
“That sounds like a plan.” You say to him, just before the bell rings.
After packing your leftovers and cleaning up behind you in the lunchroom, you make your way to your theater class thinking to yourself how perfect this is, as it’s the perfect time to flex your improv muscles yet again. The sounds of your claws scrape against the hard tile of the school floor, as you hurry to your next period. Your mind remembering the structure of the classroom, and the auditorium the students rehearse in. “Okay I think I got this.” you say to yourself as you step into the classroom.
You look around your theater class as you assess your situation. Chairs lined up neatly facing the wide wooden desk facing you. The teacher is still setting up, as other students are coming in and filling their seats. You see a rack of various outfits and a chest, lined with gold and jeweled with colorful gems. Something inside of you is instantly drawn to the chest.
“I think that’s it.” the words almost popping directly into your head, your intuition beginning to take over. “Okay I just have to get through this class.” You say to yourself as your mind extends the time of this period to feel two- even three times as long as its original length.
“Okay class, we take a quick five minute lunch break then we meet in the auditorium to begin rehearsal for the semester’s upcoming play.” You confirm your understanding of this information as you and your group with agree with the plan.
“This is it, I can grab the outfit while they’re taking their small break!” The bell promptly rings moments after Mr Morrison’s announcement; students of all different species file out of the room with excitement as they make their way to bathrooms, vending machines, and some even to ditch the remainder of the class.
You immediately spring out of your seat as you watch the last student exit the classroom. The window is where you two had agreed to meet up again, so you make your way to the room’s main source of light and open it, giving the signal, and assisting your friend into the classroom.
The two of you work to pry open the chest and in a flash you behold a fluffy loose skin resembling a familiar sight.
“An outfit!” you exclaim in excitement to your friend.
“How did you know?” the male squirrell shrugs.
“I just followed my heart!” The two of you laugh and exchange affectionate words; you almost feel sad to part with your friend, growing a bit more attached to him than expected through this period of time. The two of you escape the classroom and you go outside to put on the new outfit, marking the beginning of your next adventure.

Written by Driftingdragon on 20 December 2019

The end (for now)

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