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You look over the room. It's fairly boring, just a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe. There are tons of posters on the wall advertising bands you've never heard of. You check the wardrobe and see various female clothes, all about your size.
Look for the least revealing clothes. You grab underwear, three bras, a grey tracksuit bottom and a black hoodie. You head into the bathroom connected to the room and change in the private bathroom.
You look at yourself in the mirror. You have cat ears, a furry tail, three sets of breasts. Everything you imagine a catgirl would have. You look at yourself for anything else out of the ordinary, but you seem normal otherwise. You don't have any scars, birthmarks or anything.
You exit the bathroom and head out into the room again, you now feel ready to take in your new surroundings.
You look around the room. There's a desk with what looks like a script on it, a laptop that's off, a dresser with clothing and pictures of various genres on it and a single bookshelf with books of various types.
Open the laptop first, it's a work laptop and has two tabs open. One is some sort of agenda, the other is an email from Linda's agent.
The email is a breakdown of her earnings and stats, it details how much money she's earned in her career, her popularity and several graphs and statistics.
You close the laptop and move onto the dresser. There are various knickknacks on the top, you look through them. Mostly little figures and models of knights, metal records and small toys. You pick up a little knight on a horse, it's much heavier than it looks. You check the rest, but nothing interesting.
You open the drawers below.
It is full of pictures of males that are more revealing then you would like. And your body is already reacting to it. You close it immediately and try to calm down. No use in getting all worked up now. You've seen guys before, you're not going to go insane from seeing a few pictures.
You look around the room again to try and calm yourself down. You notice the bookshelf, you hope that it has something to take your mind off what you've just seen.
You head over to it and take a look.
The bookshelves are full of romance novels. Nothing but romance novels.
You take a few out and look at them. They're all pretty much the same, a cover with a half-dressed couple embracing each other in a way that's not particularly innocent, but not explicit either.
There are printed names on each of them.
"I am a guy" you say to the room "This is not me." You take some out and put them on the floor. You notice that there are several layers of books, all with different names. Whoever lives here has a lot of romance novels.
Look for a job. It is important that you find one soon, you have to pay rent somehow.
An email comes through "Reminder: Actress work 6pm"
You check the time, it's only 10AM. You have quite a few hours till you have to get to the set. You decide to head out and explore the city in more detail. Maybe you'll find something.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 19 December 2020


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