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He stopped when he heard movement. He turned to the right, then looked up, as another kitsune appeared. And this kitsune was utterly gorgeous; Daniel was stricken by the silvery color of the fur, with grew darker toward the tails, with the tips of the tails all black; the same for the kitsune’s legs and ears, with all four paws colored black and the tips of the ears the same.


The kitsune was standing on a small ledge above Daniel, but leapt down nimbly, landing lithely a few inches away. It was then Daniel saw this kitsune was… bigger than him. Much bigger, and thicker, too, he noted.


A male kitsune?


This kitsune had pale blue eyes, which stared at him quizzically. Then, it spoke, “I don’t recognize you. But I take it you’re new to this body, aren’t you?”


Daniel was confused. Despite having a more masculine physique, the voice was female.


“Quite possible it’s the reverse of our dynamic,” Kura said in his head. He swore he could feel her almost shrug.


The kitsune continued. “You smell interesting, though.” It cocked its head to the side, then smiled. “Your body smells like a boy, but there’s a woman’s fragrance interwoven in it. How curious. I don’t think I’ve met one like you in a long time.”


Silence fell. Daniel just watched.


“You can speak, you know,” the kitsune said. “I won’t hurt you.”


“Right, sorry,” Daniel said. “I’m still… adjusting to this.”


“I was right!” the other kitsune said, giggling. “You’re a boy. Well, man.” She shrugged. “At any rate, welcome to life of a kitsune, cub.” She grinned - was it a she, Daniel wondered? - which bared all her teeth. “Since this is all new for you, I’ll try and make this as… pleasant as I can. I’m Aria.”


“Daniel,” Daniel said.


“Nice to meet you, Daniel,” Aria said.


Aria suddenly closed the gap between them and brushed her nose against Daniel’s cheek, startling him. She breathed in deep, then let out a sigh, one of her tails moving out to stroke the other cheek. She eyed Daniel with a look he had never seen before, along with genuinely appraising him.


“You smell nice, Daniel,” she said, her voice lower, huskier now.


Daniel about choked on his own saliva. In his head, he head Kura snickering. His face was suddenly warmer, a heat of embarrassment that spread to the rest of his body rather abruptly.

Written by Hollowpages on 18 September 2019


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