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“I can’t stay. I’ve been working all this time to change back...” You sigh, feeling a sudden weight of uncertainty spread over you at the decision, but the wizard appeared.


Garbled and strange, the wizard does have the basics of your unique speech copied. Laboriously, you tell your tale to him while behind, the egg continues to shred its walls down onto the rock floor. Just as you fell the spell settled over you, a head bursted forth from the yawning wreckage with two, massive eyes just watching as your scales drop away.


Captivated, shining black eyes watch the entire transformation as your tail seemed to meld into nothing. Your legs shrank at the same time as every scale dropped off like a clipped tail and puddled around you. Your skin felt tender and naked beneath, but your fingers slowly came into focus once again, simple nude sticks without the armor and claws of your talons. At last, when you stand on two legs, robed in the wizard’s courteous giveaway, you turn to see the human-sized ‘baby’ entirely removed from the egg with its massive eyes- the size of your fists- staring right at you.


Fear jumped into your chest. Uncertainty clawed at your throat. “What’s it going to do?” you think, a jolt starting your heart into a rapid pace until the child’s mouth yawned open wide.


“Oh god! Oh go-” A wet, sloppy tongue lapped up the entire length of your face before the miniature dragon started to pant and growl at you, tail lashing playfully behind it.


“You remember me?”


It can’t speak, but the yipping growls reveal that human or dragon, your bond with the being inside the egg wasn’t rupture with the change. That night, for the first time, you find yourself That night, for the first time, you find yourself the one inside the curled embrace of a tail. The next few days, that tail got thicker and thicker until the ‘egg’ had become a massive beast of a dragon, who looked to you like a child, full of love and respect.


And so, a dragon rider came to the snowy nation. With the inbetween of yourself as someone who could communicate with both human and dragon and gained the trust of both, a reverence fell to the pair, especially yourself, the one who raised a dragon.


Written by Picklesauce69 on 25 December 2015

The end (for now)
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