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The next morning was the start of her first full day as a skunkette. She performed her usual routine from showering to eating breakfast and brushing her teeth. There were some noted
differences, mainly that shampooing her entire body proved to be a hassle and a half. She had to take time to brush both the hair on her head and the floof of her tail. Upwards of half an hour passed before she deemed herself presentable.
She drove herself to work, careful not to lose her focus on the skunkified world around her. She turned on the radio to listen to some music, finding out that her taste in alternative rock music remained untouched. Getting to work was another round of shock from seeing people she recognized as skunks. Everyone had the same features. Her manager, Tom, even kept his balding head, poor guy.
Everything proceeded as normally as any other day. Jasmine was afraid she’d slip up and introduce herself to a guest as Jared, but once again muscle memory saved the day. The rest of the shift went without incident, and Jasmine left the restaurant feeling proud. Far from tired like she usually was coming off work, she was thriving. The urge to go back in there and ask if she could fill another shift was strong. If doing her job had become this fun, what else was there?
She went straight to her parents’ home and knocked on the front door. She damn near died laughing when the answered it to reveal a pair of aging skunk folk. They both got a big old hug and got asked how they were doing. They were happy to tell her that they were just fine, although her father found it pertinent to ask if she was high on anything. Another fit of laughter rolled through her. She told him no, “but I’m high on life, that’s for sure.”
The week blew by in a flurry of joy and thrill. She went to the movies to watch Avatar 2 which featured the same Na’vi, albeit with a more mephitine twist to their features. Even after that 3 hour long slug she bought tickets for other movies and sat through them. Comedic moments were funnier, action scenes were more suspenseful, and the scary moments would’ve had her skunking in her pants.
She visited an amusement park, a museum, a concert, even a ballet. These were things she never would’ve done on such whimsy. Jared would’ve complained of not having enough cash or time. Now she had the same amount of both, yet she found ways to spend it and never regretted a single moment. She had achieved a childlike sense of wonder that escalated her emotions into such extremes she could hardly control herself. The sway of perspective was done with. Jared the human was gone. Jasmine the skunkette was here to stay.

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 04 February 2023

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