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The lights above David burned brightly as his eyes fluttered open. His vision was blurred and the world around him seemed...different. The dusty interior that welcomed him into the decrepit house was replaced by white tile floors and white walls that reflected the harsh beams sent down by the four lights overhead. There were two metal tables, with a tray next to each one with all sorts of materials. The smell of disinfectants was so highly agitating, David had to clutch his hand over his-
“What the hell?”
He looked at a petite pair of paws in front of a beige muzzle with accompanied by a black, shiny nose. When he willed the hand- paw, to move, it did with uncanny precision. He stared dumbfounded as the paw opened and closed when he told it to, or to poke the air, it’s sharp claws protruding from long digit.
What the hell is going on.
He quickly spun to see, what he thought was a mirror and ungracefully stumbled towards it. The mirror was small, maybe half his height. He stared into it, and so did a jagged face with light, cream colored fur. He jumped back and looked again. He waved his hand, and so did the creature.
This can’t be possible.
He started to feel his body up, the claws of the creatures paws digging slightly into his flesh. His paws halted when they felt two, flesh-like orbs attached to his chest. They squeezed again, and David knew the feeling all too well. He stared down into the two objects that got him through lonely nights at home.
I...I have boobs?!
He quickly grabbed the mirror and positioned it on the ground facing outward and took several steps back. The body reflecting from the mirror followed his every movement, he was now sure this was him, or he was in it, or it was in him. In full view, he almost passed out again.
His boyish form was replaced by that of a female. His macho charisma, now replaced with dainty gracefulness in a body covered head to claw in beige fur. His every movement was replaced with subtle swiftness, he spun around and nine long, beige tails followed him.
No. Freaking. Way.
“Ah, I see you are enjoying your new body,” a voice said over a loudspeaker.
David broke from his trance and glared upwards. “Who the hell are you? What’d you do to me? Answer!” His new voice, now light and airy, caused him to cover his muzzle with his paws.
“Now, now,” the voice was calm, setting David’s newfound tails and ears down, “do not act like you do not like it. This was an improvement, Kit-002F.”
“What’d you just call me?”
The voice gave a slight chuckle. “I’m sure your friends will fill you in.”
David grew wide eyed. She had forgotten about Pammy, Jake, and Daniel while she was studying her new body. “What’d you do with them? Where are they?”
“Goodbye, Kit-002F. Have fun with your new life.”
There was an electronic beep and the sound was cut off. “Hello?” David asked in vain. “Hey! We’re not done talking yet!”

Written by Cole Stryker on 03 April 2015


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