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He was a fox, frolicking in the fields, minding his own business, not caring about anything in the world. There was nothing that could bother him nor stop him from enjoying his journey in the wild, as he was one with the world, finally free from his shackles. But was it real, or was it just a figment of his imagination? He wanted to believe it was real, to believe he could continue frolicking in the fields without any worries...
Hearing a sharp noise, he opened his eyes; it was all a dream, a mere illusion. A pity really, but he had to move on, until he would be able to figure out where he was. The walls were pristine white, as if they were never soiled; perhaps it was an isolated area, or it was regularly cleaned, to prevent the yellowing of the color with the passage of time.
He observed a door in front of him, one that seemed made out of metal, different in color from the rest of the room. He also observed that the bed he laid on top of was made of the same metal that composed the door; it was surprising he was able to sleep on it at all, but since he was drugged, he was unable to feel anything...
For now, he had to get out, for this area didn't inspire him any trust at all; what sort of demented individuals could have come up with this design, after all? Rising up, still stumbling a bit, he walked toward the door and started banging against it, wondering if it was serving any purpose.
Banging on the door, he noticed that they took his fox tail; he didn't understand why they would do such a thing, but since it was now done, it gave him a new element to motivate to get out of here. After all, he couldn't let them away with theft and a possible kidnapping, although he wasn't sure his friend was trapped here. This was an element that needed to be investigated before he could make such a claim.
It was at this moment that he saw a trap open in the door; he thought that it was someone coming to explain what was the situation, but all he received was a mouthful of gas, forcing to back off from the door.
He felt weak again, but not as much as when the rag was placed on his face; perhaps this was made to make sure he would stop assaulting the door, while the people that kidnapped him were plotting? He wasn't sure of it, but it seemed that it was the most likely option...
Or was it really? Unable to defend himself, his reflexes lowered, he was unable to dodge the syringe that came out of the wall. He could even observe the wall open up, tip of the instrument point out before it plunged into the flesh of his arm.
Although he expected it to hurt, he was surprised that it did not, for the gas he inhaled a moment ago seemed to have reduced his ability to feel pain as well as his reflexes. It was a clever plan, one that escaped his grasp; he didn't know what the purpose of the injection was, but he had the impression that he was going to know it very soon, although it could also be a false alarm, a trick used to destroy his mind before the real events would take place.
Looking around, he tapped the floor for a moment, wondering if something was going to happen; this would have been the perfect time to look at a watch if he had one, but since he didn't possess one, he wasn't able to send a strong message.

Written by zanian on 05 October 2014


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