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Stepping up to the table you spy an array of liquids all contained neatly in vials on the table. Despite not being heated, some bubble and give off faint trails of steam others churn and twist as if they were alive and seeking some escape. You look over the table with wonder, but keep returning to the vials.


However there is another one that catches your eye, but for some reason it is as if the vial itself can not decide on what color it wants to be. This second it is blue, the next pink. What a strange shop, you think to yourself as you pick up the vial. "Well I don't see a price tag on this. Maybe it is a free sample." The vial is neither hot nor cold, and the color shifting continues as you hold it up to your lips in the dim light of the shop.


You catch a faint aroma of bubble gum, no maybe it is wood chips and campfires. Your brain can't figure it out and you shrug as you down the vial. The liquid courses down your throat coating every inch. You cough at the taste, definitely bubblegum.
"What was in that," you say to yourself out loud. The words becoming softer towards the end and lifting musically in tone. "OH no, what's happening to my voice!?" Your hand grasps at your throat trying to will the liquid back up and out. Each word takes on a more feminine lilt as the vials contents now settle in your stomach.


You stumble back trying to catch a glimpse of yourself, a mirror hung on a sidewall reflects a picture you are not quite sure you're seeing. Your form starting from the middle shrinks in, you feel the world grow around you as you find yourself shrinking. You look down to see the floor rising up at you then stop. You reach out a hand to steady yourself on the table as your center of balance shifts. You feel your shirt expanding around your chest and look down to see two large mounds pushing outwards. Your hands fly to them to discover that they were exactly what you thought they were.
Your stomach churns as your insides boil. "Oh man I should have stayed outside." You say aloud in disbelief.


"Why yes deary you should have." Came a response from behind the counter. A wizened older man steps out from behind a curtain that had obscured the back store room. "If you wanted a sample I could have provided, now it looks like you've purchase the full ride."


"Full ride?" You say the gasp as your feet crunch and shift growing smaller, more feminine. Hair spills forth weighing your head down and threatening to leave you permanently looking at the ceiling as it stops thankfully above your expanding hips.


"Yes, the full ride. I hope you plan on paying for that."


"Pay for it?" The question not registering with you, you take a second to take in your new form in the mirror. Your clothes hang loosely in places on your new figure and are far too tight in others.


"Yes yes, pay for it. This is a shop. You've enjoyed the merchandise. Now how do you want to pay for it?"


"Oh!" You say the context finally catching up. The edges of your vision are cut off by the hair you have to keep sweeping back behind your ears. "I... I have money. I think." You say patting your pockets for your wallet.


The old man sighs. "Money... what would I want with money. You can't expect a practitioner of the arcane arts to want something as simple as money. You simply have no idea how easy it is to conjure piles of the stuff... Money.. Pwah."


"You don't... You don't want my soul do you?"


"Child I am not some sort of demon either. You really have no idea what sort of store you walked in to do you?" The man cackled. "The sign outside is perfectly clear."


"Sign..?" you stammer.


"UGH! YES THE SIGN. "SHOP OF THE DARK AND ARCANE MYSTICAL ARTS AS PRESENTED BY IVAN MAKNARAK." The man yells at you. Some sort of power ringing through voice sounding ominous yet mysterious, like a loud rumble in your ears.


"I... I don't know how I am going to pay... This is my first time... meeting a wizard." You say tentatively not wanting to anger the magic man.


"Wizard! You think I am but a lowly wizard!" The mans brows furrow in anger. "I my sweet dear am a Warlock!" He says emphasizing the title. His focus shifts for a second and then his countenance eases. "I suppose if this is your first time meeting a warlock, you would not know the particulars..."


"I'm sorry... Sir Warlock. But I don't know how to pay you. I don't I have anything you want." You say still unsure of the situation.


"Oh on the contrary have exactly what I want." He says a wicked smile forming on his lips.


Written by Crunchynachoes on 04 October 2018

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