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Completely exhausted by a long day’s worth of work, you decided whatever it was could wait until tomorrow. You closed your eyes to go to sleep, yet before the night was over, you felt a thump from beneath your bed, which woke you up bolt upright from beneath your sheets.
in surprise, you checked under your bed to find a solid gold box, which was plated with gems and various minerals which sparkled in the night sky filtering through your window like stars. You figured it was one of the king or queen’s leftover possessions, though when you opened the box, you immediately recognized what this was: another transformation suit. It smelled absolutely divine, almost animal-like yet still sweet and aromatic as the fluffy furs wafted more of their unbelievable scent molecules into your nose.
The floral aroma engulfed your body as you slipped your six thick limbs into the furred skins of your latest costume. You may not have known what life you would have ended up with next, but you knew that whatever it could be was going to be another interesting journey based on the vast amount of decisions you could make.
Happiness washed over you as your satisfied heart began to beat faster- it felt like you were flying through space and time itself, while you were staying completely still. Windy air filled the room around you as you began your transformation and teleportation to the next chapter in your life!

Written by Driftingdragon on 28 June 2020

The end (for now)
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