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You continue to see it’s one of the family taurs from earlier, upon squinting your eye, your pupils adjusted to the dim light of the catacombs underneath the palace. A tall yet slender figure stood backit in the center of a doorway, a few meters away from where you stood. You froze, not knowing who or what that could have been, with a quick spark a torch was lit. The acrid smell of burning fuels filled your nostrils as the figure became more illuminated underneath the stone ceiling; just barely taller than themselves.
The slender figure turned out to be your mother, her long black hair flowed as she paced towards you. The rhythmic padding of her soft paws were just as quiet as the subtle dripping from the tunnel walls. Pale white fur formed thick stripes down her back. Her green eyes watched you as the two of you met in between.
“Hello there my daughter.” she said to you, a calm and collected voice rang out softly throughout the deep family catacombs. “I see you’ve been away for a while. Were you still going to help with this plan?” You had remembered agreeing to a mutual plan with your mother a while ago, though you don’t particularly remember what it was. Will you do it?

Written by Driftingdragon on 07 March 2020

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