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In the end, the change itself wasn´t the worst part about it all, Daniela thought one day. It was the fact that she couldn´t be sure whenever it was permanent, or not. Yes, it´s been months since she was Daniel, but every morning, she woke up with the same paranoia from the first time. Every day, she had to make sure that she was sill the unicorn centaur.


It was slowly becoming easier, but Daniela still had troubles with some things. At least the dreams were gone. Now, she didn´t dream at all. Maybe unicorns don´t dream, who knows? Her friends were slowly becoming more themselves again, too. They strange behaviour from the time when Daniela was changed was gone and they acted like before they visited them.


There was something reassuring about having her friends back, but sometimes, Daniela wondered if it was all right that they forgot about the mysterious dreams so easily. Maybe it was easier for them, because they were changed only mentally, not physically and the mental change wasn´t permanent.


Sometimes, Daniela hoped that her physical change wasn´t permanent either.


That one day, she would wake up as human again, whenever as man or woman. It wouldn´t matter to her anymore, if only she had the human body back. But day after day, Daniela kept waking up as a unicorn centaur and slowly, that hope began to fade away.


She still didn´t know why they chose her for their experiments.


Or what those experiments were even supposed to mean.


Maybe she would never find out.


But she couldn’t forget that they were somewhere out there. And that they could return anytime and change her even more. For better or for worse.

Written by lulu-illussions on 31 March 2018

The end (for now)
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