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You look at yourself. star star halfstar emptystar emptystar

You run till you find a full body mirror. You run up to it and see yourself. the spell worked! you are an anthro fox in every way! But something about this mirror doesn't seem right. As you look at it you see things changing. You see the reflection's shirt change. It starts to get longer and longer until it looks like a dress. You don't see what happens to the pants, but something tells you that they are gone now. You feel as if you had no pants on now. You want to look down at your body, but you can't turn away from the mirror. You watch as your reflection lifts up the dress until you can see your own boxers. They start to shrink. Smaller and smaller they get until they are just white panties. You gulp as you watch the next change. This time it is not clothes, but what is in the clothes. The bulge in the reflection's panties starts to get smaller and smaller until it was gone. the reflection dropped the dress and smiled. Was it smiling? you can't tell. Just then the reflection started to grow something on his chest. breast were now there. not too big and not too small as it seemed. the body changed and now all you saw in the mirror was a vixen. Control came back to you. you gasp for air as if something was chocking you. you look at your body and it was real! everything that change in the mirror happened to you!

Written by Dustomega on 21 November 2010

The end (for now)
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