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Daniel sucked in a deep breath, and started to ignore his impulse to not crash. Instead, he focused only on running, and soon, he was able to forget entirely about the potential hazard of the trees or anything else. His body moved both in sync with him, yet also without worry; it was like it was being guided by him and something else at the same time, yet never did the two act differently.


Daniel found himself smiling as he rushed down the forest, eventually matching up with Aria in speed. His heart was pounding fast, adrenaline pulsing through his body.


This lasted for about ten or so minutes before Aria slowed her pace down, and Daniel wound up doing the same. They came to a complete stop in a clearing, with a large pond, and a hill top overlooking the area. The sky was clear and filled with hundreds of stars thanks to the lack of city lights in the area, and the moon hovered overhead, bright and luminous. Daniel couldn’t help gazing up and around at the sheer beauty of the scenery.


“I’ve never been here before,” Daniel mused to himself.


Daniel thought he’d need to catch his breath, but, found he didn’t. His lungs felt fine, and his chest was breathing normally despite his heart’s speed; yet that slowed rather smoothly, and Daniel was soon relaxing without any problem.


“Another boon of yours now,” Kura said. “More energy to do things. It’s not infinite, by any means, but you’ll have a lot more oomph to act through your daily life than you would as a normal human. You’re welcome.”


Aria strode up to Daniel, at once getting close. She brushed her nose against his cheek, again startling him, yet she moved slowly and almost gingerly.


“You smell REALLY good,” Aria said.


Daniel’s cheeks felt hot. “Thanks.”


She eyed him with a rather… odd look. “I don’t think I’ve ever smelled anything as pleasant before. And I’ve never felt such a… yearning in my stomach.” She cocked her head to the side, appraising him. “I wonder…”


She stood there, silent, and Daniel watched, feeling a rush of something he couldn’t quite put words to. It was a tingling sensation in his chest, one that melded in with a strong fluttering that filled his stomach and spread throughout him.

Written by Hollowpages on 23 September 2019

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