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You fared on, continuing from cover to cover. You read stories about previous kings and queens, their rise and fall, as well as elaborate assassinations and hidden plots to rise to success, you especially were interested with how the previous generations would use elaborate colors to portray messages to other kingdoms. Your mind had absorbed so much knowledge that by the time you had finished, you barely noticed a little surprise which had been waiting for you. The final page of the book contained a note- a tiny leaflet which fell out just before you closed the large hardcovers together.
“What’s this?” you say to yourself before crouching down to pick up the piece of paper. “Success is in the dress?” you read aloud to yourself before pondering what that could mean.
Following your nights worth of studies, you remembered the upcoming ball as you recalled the thin white sheet which had slipped from the book. You hop up from your seat as you instantly recall the enormous event just a few hours away.
“Oh! Maybe that’s what it meant?” You said to yourself as you rushed from the library to your enormous walk-in closet. Fidgeting through rows of clothes and balls you couldn’t help but ponder to yourself about what that note could have meant. “Success is in the dress?” your face crumpled up in confusion. Your mind pondered all the things you could have read about, the vast wealth of knowledge you had exposed yourself to had already given you the answer to your question, you just had to… remember it?

Written by Driftingdragon on 04 May 2020

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