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“Let´s get you out of here,” he said as calmly as possible. It took both him and Jake to pull Daniel on his legs. Once up, Daniel hand to lower his head to avoid hitting it against the ceiling, because he was taller than before.


Standing up, he finally could see more of his new body – white horse body started where his chest ended. His curved chest, with new breasts. He reached up and touched his horn again. It started right in the middle of his head and grew up in sharp, thin cone almost 30 centimetres.


“What the hell am I?” Daniel asked aloud, and for once, even David didn´t have answer for that.


Next to him, Pammy carefully placed her hand on his forearm. “You look like some sort of centaur,” she said. “Plus…” she trailed off, waving her hand around Daniel.


“Plus breasts?” he asked in high-pitched voice, getting even more panicked than before.


Pammy nervously chuckled. “Yeah. Plus long hair and, you know,” she shrugged, glancing at his head. “Plus horn. Sorts of like unicorn.”


The description hit Daniel like a ton of bricks. This wasn´t dream. It was really happening and he was real unicorn-taur. And female.


All four of horse legs gave up under him and Daniel fell over.


He heard someone calling his name, before the consciousness left him.

Written by lulu-illussions on 13 February 2018


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